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Image: Clear Channel

In last week’s blog, we reported on how the UK government is looking to house builders to do more to protect much-loved British wildlife.

Well, here’s something our local councils might consider taking on board – green roof bus stops as a gift to the nation’s honeybees!

Over in the Dutch city of Utrecht, a total of 316 bee-friendly bus stops have already been installed in an attempt to help bees and other vital pollinators (50% of bee species in the Netherlands have been classed as endangered).

Image: Freepik

Like most green roofs, the roofing on the ‘bee stops’ is mostly composed of sedum plants. In city landscapes, this is a great way of attracting honeybees and improving biodiversity as well as capturing fine dust and storing rainwater. They require very little water or maintenance to thrive but the workers who do look after them also drive around the city in electric vehicles.

Not forgetting the comfort of the people who use them, the new bus shelters have all been fitted with energy-efficient LED lights and bamboo benches.

The new bus/ bee stops are just one of several steps authorities have taken to improve air quality in Utrecht (the fourth largest city in the Netherlands).

Additional measures include introducing new electric buses (powered by energy from Dutch windmills) and running a scheme which offers funding to help residents install their own green roofs.

What do you think?

Considering the need to do more to look after wildlife, should UK councils adopt this approach?

Would you like to see more green roof bus stops in your town or city?