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With England finally breaking their World Cup penalty shoot-out curse and beating Columbia to make it through to the quarter finals, the nation has a true case of football fever!

But, with some of this World Cup’s games taking place during normal working hours, are tradespeople living up to a reputation for choosing footie over work – downing tools at the first opportunity to head to the nearest big screen?

It appears not!

Running a poll among more than 1000 of its customers, IronmongeryDirect found that, while many were planning to watch their team, on the whole those plans involved viewing outside of working times. Busting the stereotype completely, over 75% of those polled (which included builders, carpenters, joiners and others) claimed they would never consider skipping work to watch their team.

That said, the research also found that, if they were to pull a ‘sickie’, tradespeople went beyond the conventional reasons for absence like dentist appointments or sick children to come up with some of the best (if slightly implausible) excuses:

“I’ve been called up as a late replacement by Gareth Southgate”

“My boyfriend’s in labour.”

“I’ve got soap in my eyes and can’t find a towel.”

“I’ve been delayed at the airport on holiday…in Scarborough.”

“My Auntie’s Gerbil is about to give birth and I’m the nominated birthing partner.”

World cup or work

Marketing Director of IronmongeryDirect, Andy Wood, said: “We wanted to find out how our customers were preparing for the year’s biggest sporting event. The research was carried out in the name of fun, but it was great to see results challenging the outdated stereotype of contractors and other trades professionals neglecting their jobs for football! Tradespeople in Britain work hard, and we hope they enjoy watching World Cup 2018.”

Here at Sheriff Construction, we’re fairly sure none of our team has ditched the site for the big screen (yet) and hope everyone continues to enjoy the remaining World Cup 2018 games through to the final on Sunday 15th July.

Is this England’s year to finally bring that trophy home?

Tell us your final World Cup predictions now!