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Santa and sackBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are over and, with just 4 weekends to go before the big day, we’re wondering if you’ve managed to find that perfect gift for the construction people in your life yet?

If not, perhaps this little construction themed gift guide will help.

First of all, if you’re after a small novelty item or stocking filler, then this really shouldn’t be a problem as you’re literally spoilt for choice.

Take your pick from cheesy slogan adorned t-shirts and mugs (e.g. ‘The Road to Success is Always Under Construction’), key rings with miniature items like JCBs or traffic cones attached, spirit level tie clips or even edible hard hats (yes, really)!

But, if you’re actually looking for a more serious gift for a construction person, our advice is to think a little deeper.

Consider the kind of person they are and the things they are interested in, but also think about the role they play in their job, what they might find useful or what could make their lives easier and more comfortable.

gift box 2Remember there are many different types of people working in construction too – bricklayers, roofers and labourers but also planners, estimators, architects, surveyors, project managers and many more. This will not be a case of one hard hat fits all!

Generally speaking though, people who work in construction are often practical types who like and need all kinds of tools and tech in their lives.  They also often work outdoors in varying weather conditions so might be glad of a gift that helps them stay safe, comfortable and protected from the elements.

With those points in mind, here’s a few ideas:

Laser Measures – Combine the tools/ tech theme with something like the Bosch Professional GLM 50c. This smart, Bluetooth enabled solution for measuring and documenting data is currently retailing at around £120.

Power Assisted Multi-tools – This is a gift that will bring some power into small tools like blades, pliers, files and screwdrivers. Take a look at the SOG range for various models around the £100 – £125 mark.

Vacuum bottles – Champion that tea break with something like the Stanley Classic Legendary vacuum bottle. We’re not sure why it’s ‘legendary’ but it’s vacuum insulation keeps fluids hot or cold for 24 hours and it looks good too. Priced around £25 – £30.

Magnetic wrist bands – This could be a useful gift for the construction worker that needs to carry small items like screws, nails or drill bits, but it’s equally suitable for any general handyman or DIY enthusiast. Currently featuring as Amazon’s best seller is a Grsta model, priced at approx. £10.

Drones – Drone technology is a great option for anyone with a role that involves inspection work and, among the recommended options for construction are the DJI Inspire, DJI Matrice, Intel AscTec Falcon, Lockheed Indago 2 and the Aeryon Skyranger. Just be ready for the big budget as most of these type of professional models retail at £1500 and above!

Sunglasses – We know that safety glasses are a must in many construction situations but there will still be times when a decent pair of ordinary sunglasses come in useful too. Check out the Duduma range for options that offer durability, protection from glare, style and affordability (at around £18 a pair)!

gift box 1Some other ideas include warm layers, tool bags, calculators, tough cases for phone or tablets or new boots. Just remember, though, that not everyone wants a gift related to their job. If you think the construction person you know will like such a gift, then we hope this guide gives you a few pointers. If not, then good luck finding that latest box set, gadget, video game, book, watch, bath set, chocolates… and, well, you get the idea!

Choose well!




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