Image showing an early-stage building site in a city environment (a brownfield site)

With the housing crisis consistently listed among the top five issues facing the UK, it’s been interesting to note what the two main political parties are saying about this in the run up to the general election.

While the conservative party have not revealed many housing-related plans as yet, Labour are promising to build 1.5m new homes in the first five years of a labour government and say that brownfield sites will be the number one priority. As a subject that’s close to our business, we thought we’d use this week’s blog to explore the pros and cons of building on brownfield sites.

In recent years, drone technology has made it far easier to view aerial images of the UK’s urban landscape. But, while our towns and cities are hugely diverse in architectural character, looking down from above they are often very similar, with a common sight being a mass of black, brown and grey roofs.

However, there is a trend which has started to add patches of colour to the aerial perspective – green roofing! In this week’s blog, we’ll explain more about what a green roof is and look at six reasons why this is proving to be a great option for our buildings.