The king of flat-roofing systems, hot melt is a flexible but lifetime performing solution for inverted or completely flat roofs.

This includes green roofs and hard landscaped podium structures in new building developments. Hot rubber provides a monolithic membrane (a bitumen/ synthetic rubber blend) that is simple to install and designed to withstand the elements without compromise. Its numerous benefits include:

  • Impressive durability and full bonding to the structure ensures there is no possibility of waterproofing failure
  • Self-healing qualities and a long warranty means that only minimal routine maintenance is required
  • Its application requires no roof screed, saving time and money
  • Available with a range of extruded polystyrene insulations
  • Able to be laid at temperatures as low as -18°C for winter installations
  • A wide range of specifications are available including PermaTec, Permaphalt, Hydrotech and Mastic Asphalt
  • Hot melt is the perfect partner for eco-friendly developments such as green roof installations
  • Manufactured in the UK, the hot melt system is the first to offer zero wrapper waste, resulting in significantly reduced on site waste and associated disposal costs
  • A BBA accredited product that is designed to last for the lifetime of the structure and offers a 20 year warranty
  • Meets ISO9000:2000 & 14001:2004 Quality and Environmental Management Standards

In short, if you’re looking for a quality roofing system that will stand the test of time, hot melt should be your first choice. Our roofing team are highly skilled and trained to fit a range of hot melt systems. If you’re unsure of the technical specifications, we’re always happy to talk you through the options available for your project.