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A couple of weeks ago, we used our blog to tell you about how and why Sheriff is setting out its ‘social value’ – the principles, policies and actions we can take as a business to support and promote social, economic and environmental wellbeing in society.

In part 1, we particularly looked at how we can make a greater positive impact on the communities we live and work in. In the second of this series, we want to focus on our company’s greatest asset – our people – and so we begin this week’s blog with a question:

How can we support the people who work with us to prosper at work and across all aspects of their lives?

In last week’s blog, we talked about several upcoming trends in construction with an increase in the use of robots being one of the things many people in the industry are expecting to see this year.

Just a week later, we hear news of an innovative bricklaying robot that’s just secured accreditation from the housing warranty and insurance provider, NHBC.

Could the rise of the robots be about to begin? Keep reading to find out more…

The world we live in is constantly changing and the construction industry is certainly no exception to this. While some of the changes construction faces are incredibly challenging (for instance, the materials and labour shortages that have been widely reported in recent years) others can be seen as game-changing opportunities to boost productivity, conquer new markets, improve sustainability and support the wellbeing of the workforce.

As we start another year, still in the grips of the global pandemic along with other serious planetary concerns, we’re taking a look at some of the predicted top trends for construction in 2022.

As a business that has grown substantially, with the support of family, friends and colleagues from across the communities we work in, Sheriff Construction has, in recent years, sought out many ways in which we can give some of that support back.

We’ve now reached the point where we’re now thinking about how we can go that bit further in terms of supporting and promoting social, economic and environmental wellbeing in society – otherwise known as ‘social value’. In our first blog of the year, we’re explaining more about what that means and focusing on one specific question: How can we make a greater positive impact on the communities we’re part of?

Sheriff construction is supporting grassroots sports by sponsoring two local football teams this season – the boys at Crawley Green Hawkes in Luton and one of the girls teams at Leighton United Football Club. Both teams needed new kits this year and, with Sheriff having close family connections to some of the young players, we were happy to help out. Keep reading to find out more…

Like most other businesses in the construction industry, 2021 has brought us several challenges – navigating our way through lockdowns, adapting to changing covid safety site procedures, maintaining motivation across our teams, managing our projects through material shortages and keeping up the momentum for growing our company.

None of this has been easy but, because of the fantastic support Sheriff received from its team and business associates, we’ve overcome those challenges and kept our company on the path of success. Read on to see some of the highlights from 2021, including how Sheriff celebrated this success by bringing back the Christmas party!

Globally, in every town and every city, concrete is used to give our buildings shape and strength. But the huge scale of the concrete industry comes at a cost – it’s estimated that around 7% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions come from the manufacture and use of cement, which is the main component of concrete.

Now, a team from the University of Tokyo have come up with a new kind of concrete that has the potential to reduce emissions from the construction industry! Read on to find out more about this concrete of the future.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into property development, you might start by reading a book, listening to a podcast, taking some training or heading straight to the bank to check out the finance options. Or you could begin by asking someone who’s done it before and seek to follow their example.

In this week’s blog, we’re showcasing one example of our property development projects, Kingham Way, and sharing our start-to-finish video which really shows how a project like this takes shape over time. Read on for more details and to watch our video.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all become very used to there being an enhanced focus on cleanliness and sanitisation – at home, while out and about and where we work. While this brought additional procedures and policies into play, even before COVID, most workplaces had some rules around maintaining a clean, tidy and well-organised environment. For construction, this is absolutely crucial in order to maintain site safety, prevent accidents or injuries and help to protect the environment.

Here at Sheriff Construction, we’ve made it clear that good housekeeping on site is everyone’s responsibility and there are key actions/ procedures that our site operatives should be undertaking on a continual basis. As a reminder, this week’s blog features the Sheriff guide to keeping things clean.