Sheriff Construction has recently introduced the Causeway ‘Donseed’ digital workforce management system across both our brickwork and roofing divisions.

Usually used by companies much larger than us, we took the decision to keep up with this latest technology, which is giving us greater control of our sites, improving safety and increasing efficiency. Find out more in this week’s blog.

What is Causeway Donseed?

Causeway is a company that has, for over two decades, been providing digital solutions for the built environment sector. One of those solutions is Donseed, software that makes logging time and attendance more efficient and brings a host of other benefits.

How is this beneficial for Sheriff Construction?

Even though we have only been using the system for a relatively short time, we’re already seeing many advantages of using a digitised system like this. Here are our top four.

1. Streamlining time and attendance logging

Using Donseed, all our workers now sign in and out using their own unique QR codes which are continually regenerated to ensure genuine use. This is sometimes be replaced with a pin code during system upgrades. This is providing us with consistent accurate data on the hours that are worked which, in turn, gives us greater control over resourcing and staff costs at each of our sites.

2. Real-time control

The system not only allows us to monitor sign-in and sign-out data (including for visitors) but also provides a better understanding of worker activity across the site in real-time. This brings many benefits like helping us to know where people are on site, get messages or direct visitors to them, and ensuring first aiders or site managers are present. Seeing what’s going on in real-time also helps us to be responsive in our decision-making, for instance adjusting our resources if we see a site is under or over-resourced.

3. Health & Safety improvements

Knowing where our workers, first aiders and managers are on site at any given time is a major boost for health and safety, particularly in cases where people may be scattered across large sites and/or sometimes working alone. The system also enables us to know where people who are trained/ certified for specific roles are, meaning we can always ensure the right people are doing the right job (thereby eliminating health and safety risks).

4. Administrative efficiency

By automating attendance tracking, our new system is reducing effort while increasing efficiency and accuracy. We can now more easily carry out administrative tasks like monitoring budgeted versus actual hours worked on each site, cost-reporting and payroll.

Staying ahead of the curve

At Sheriff Construction, we are proud of our reputation for quality and service. As we continue to grow, we understand the importance of staying innovative.

Implementing the Causeway Donseed system isn’t just about keeping pace with larger companies or realising the immediate benefits we’ve outlined above. It’s also about our commitments to continuous improvement, ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff, and delivering exceptional results for our clients.

This is one example of how we’re embracing new technology to ensure we remain efficient, adaptable and at the forefront of our industry. If you know of any other innovative technologies or solutions that you think are great for our industry, let us know by commenting over on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Find out more about Causeway Donseed here.


Feature image: Freepik (edited)