A traditional roofing system that has moved with the times, built up felt is an economical option, suited to timber, metal and concrete decks.

This method of weather proofing roofs uses layers of bituminous roofing felt which are bonded together and reinforced with polyester or glass fibre. The layers are commonly overlaid with chippings, sand or a mineral cap sheet to protect the felt from the sun.

Known as a flat-roofing product of choice since the 1940s, improvements in Polymer technology have enabled built up felt systems to advance and compete within the modern world.

Today’s high performance felt systems offer:

  • A flexible solution that can be incorporated within almost any flat roof design – submerged, green, inverted and warm roofs are all possible
  • Easily transported raw materials, making it a great solution for difficult to access flat roofs
  • A BBA accredited life expectancy of over 30 years (with up to 20 years warranty)
  • Great stability of the membrane which can withstand even the hottest weather
  • High resistance to tear or puncture and exceptional fire protection
  • Compatibility with a wide range of environmentally friendly, thermally efficient insulations
  • Quick and cost-effective installation processes
  • Manufactured under ISO9000 & 14001 Quality and Environmental Management Standards

Our roofing team are highly skilled and trained to fit a range of built up felt systems. If you’re unsure of the technical specifications, we’re always happy to talk you through the options available for your project.