A fast and accurate electronic leak testing service for flat-roof installations

Image of a flat roof with rainwaterThe majority of today’s flat-roofing systems are designed to be extremely durable and guaranteed to withstand the elements over a long lifetime.

For any installer, achieving this level of performance means putting their work through robust leak testing procedures, while taking care to avoid any damage. This is where ESA Consultants Ltd (one of our sister companies) can help.

Established since 2014, ESA Consultants Ltd has become a trusted partner to the construction industry, offering an expert flat-roofing electronic leak testing service. Leveraging proven non-destructive methods and using cutting-edge electronic testing equipment (including the European leading brand Buckleys), ESA’s service ensures precise leak and integrity testing for waterproofing membranes. We can inspect and test most types of waterproofing membranes and identify defects to within millimetre accuracy.

Once the testing has been completed, ESA Consultants will ensure any breaches/ damage are marked on the roof surface and recorded in a detailed report with drawings and photographs that enable any breaches or damage to be swiftly addressed. If required, we can also offer a quick and effective repair service with further tests to ensure the defects have been rectified.

Our service offers:

  • An all-year-round service (with both wet and dry testing procedures available).
  • Non-destructive process (meaning zero damage to the roof)
  • Extremely accurate identification of leaks
  • ‘Inspection only’ or an ‘Inspect and Repair’ service available (flexible to your needs)
  • Fast and efficient service (our test and repair option can often be completed in just 3 days!)

At ESA, our highly skilled consultants prioritise client satisfaction and guarantee peace of mind over the reliability and durability of all the flat roofs we test and service.

To find out more or book a consultation, call ESA on 01582 591908 or email us at esaconsultantstest@gmail.com.

New for 2024: CPD certified training!

As a sister company of Sheriff Construction, ESA Consultants benefits from this well-known company’s far longer reign of expertise in roofing services and is proud to now be in a position to share that with others across the industry by providing opportunities for individuals to benefit from our new range of fully certified training courses.

Participants on our short training courses will be given a unique opportunity to learn directly from roofing professionals, leaving with insights into the products, techniques and working practices that make up our commitment to excellence.

Full details of upcoming courses will go live on this page soon but enquire with us now to register your interest. Call ESA on 01582 591908 or email us at esaconsultantstest@gmail.com.

Company number: 9261722