A fast and accurate electronic leak testing service for most types of flat-roof installations.

The majority of today’s flat-roofing systems are designed to be extremely durable and guaranteed to withstand the elements over a long lifetime.

For any installer, achieving this level of performance means putting their work through robust leak testing procedures, while taking care to avoid any damage. This is where ESA Ltd (a sister company to Sheriff Construction) can help.

ESA provides a complete leak/ integrity testing service for flat-roofing, using proven non-destructive methods and a European leading brand of specialist electronic testing equipment for both wet and dry conditions (see Buckleys). We can inspect and test most types of waterproofing membranes and identify defects to within millimetre accuracy.

For your convenience, once the testing has been completed, ESA Consultants will ensure any breaches/ damage are marked on the roof surface and recorded in a special report with drawings and photographs. If required, we can also offer a quick and effective repair service with further tests to ensure the defects have been rectified. Depending on the scale of the work, all of this can usually be carried out over a period of just 3 days. Our service offers:

  • An all-year-round service (with both wet and dry testing procedures available).
  • Non-destructive process (meaning zero damage to the roof)
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Extremely accurate identification of leaks
  • ‘Inspection only’ or an ‘Inspect and Repair’ service available (flexible to your needs)

Providing clients with peace of mind that their flat roof is fit for purpose and has a reliable service life is paramount in the roofing industry. Make sure to give your clients this guarantee by using a reliable, highly skilled and independent testing consultant.

To find out more:

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Email: esaconsultantstest@gmail.com

Company number: 9261722