Image showing a construction site using the modular G decking system

Falling from heights is the number one cause of fatal and non-fatal incidents in the construction sector in the UK. That’s why it’s really important for construction companies like ours to keep up with advancements in safety technologies.

Among the numerous innovations that are happening in our industry, G decking has emerged as something of a game-changer, not only reducing the risks associated with working at heights but also streamlining workflows and boosting overall productivity. Read on to find out more.

What is G decking?

Sometimes referred to as safety, crash or fall prevention decking, G decking is a temporary platform used during the construction process. It provides a safe and stable working surface at various heights, allowing workers to perform their tasks without the constant threat of falling. Typically made from robust materials like steel or aluminium, G decking systems are modular in design, making them easy to install, adjust, and dismantle as needed.

How does it enhance safety?

Fall prevention

Working at heights is one of the most hazardous activities in construction. G decking addresses this issue head-on by providing a secure platform, thereby significantly reducing the risk of falls. The system’s sturdy construction ensures that workers have a reliable surface underfoot, which is crucial when operating at elevated levels.

Edge protection

As well as providing a stable working surface, G decking systems often have integrated edge protection features like guardrails and toe boards, offering additional layers of safety. These components prevent workers from accidentally stepping off the edge and provide a barrier against falling objects, which can be equally dangerous.

Load capacity and distribution

Another key safety feature of G decking is its ability to evenly distribute loads. Traditional scaffolding systems can sometimes be unstable, especially under heavy loads. G decking platforms, however, are designed to handle significant loads, ensuring that the structure remains stable and secure even under the pressure. This further minimises the risk of structural failures and collapses.

Slip resistant

The G decking surface is textured to minimise the risk of slips and falls – a significant concern in wet or dusty environments.

How does it enhance efficiency?

 Quick installation and removal

Time is a critical factor in construction projects. The modular design of G decking systems allows for rapid installation and removal. This efficiency not only reduces downtime but also ensures that projects stay on schedule. Workers can quickly assemble the decking as needed and dismantle it just as swiftly, allowing for seamless transitions between different phases of construction.

Versatility and adaptability

G decking systems are highly versatile, capable of being adapted to various heights and project requirements. Whether it’s a residential building, commercial structure, or industrial facility, G decking can be customised to fit different spaces and configurations. This adaptability means that construction teams can use the same system across multiple projects, maximising return on investment. The modular design is also lightweight, making it easy to transport and manoeuvre around the worksite.

Improved workflow

By providing a stable and safe working environment, G decking allows workers to focus on their tasks without the constant concern of falling or navigating unstable surfaces. This focus can lead to improved accuracy and efficiency, as workers are able to perform their duties with greater confidence and precision. Additionally, the ease of access provided by G decking can streamline the movement of materials and equipment, further enhancing workflow efficiency.

Our team love it!

While the G decking system is a great advancement in construction safety technology, it’s important to use it as part of a comprehensive safety programme that also includes traditional measures like training workers on fall prevention techniques, using the correct personal protective equipment and undertaking regular safety inspections.

Our bricklaying team in Woolwich have been using G decking as part of their safety programme for a while now and they’ve told us they love it because it makes their work easier and safer, and because materials like blocks and mortar can be placed exactly where they’re needed. Take a look at our Woolwich portfolio page here.

Overall verdict on G decking: It’s a win-win for both construction companies and their workers.

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Feature image: Sheriff Construction