In recent years, it’s not often been possible to talk about the supply of any building materials without including the word ‘shortages’.

Finally that seems to have changed as it’s now being reported that, with a slowdown in housing developments, stocks of bricks and some other construction materials are on the rise.

In this week’s blog, we’re reporting on what industry leaders are saying about product demand and supply in the sector.

The humble brick: we work with it every day and probably never really think of it as anything more than a key component of the structures we build.

However, for some people, the brick is just the starting point of an innovative project or an artistic endeavour! So, just for fun, in this week’s blog we’re bringing you two short stories that might make you see bricks in a new light.

With the news headlines moving slightly away from the coronavirus pandemic into an almost daily dose of woe about the energy market crisis, in today’s blog we’re looking at what effect this might have on construction.

While Sheriff Construction and other building contractors like us do not use very much natural gas in our day-to-day work, the problem is that our suppliers do. Manufacturing the materials we use is often energy intensive and, with the hike in the price of gas, it’s inevitable that those costs will start to pass through the procurement process. One leading economist is warning the industry to be prepared for a ‘phase of rising prices’ in bricks, cement and concrete. Read on for more information.

The UK construction industry has come a long way with its recycling/ reuse practices but, due to the overproduction and inefficient use of some materials, the sector is still one of the biggest contributors to waste. Along with the environmental impact this has (i.e. adding to landfill), waste has clear financial implications for any company…