Image showing construction site workers sweeping and tidying up materials

While cleaning up might seem like a secondary concern on a bustling construction site, taking the time to remove scrap materials, dispose of debris properly and store tools securely is crucial. These practices aren’t just about keeping things tidy; they’re essential for preventing accidents, injuries and environmental hazards.

In many cases, incidents involving slips, trips and falls could have been prevented if the site had simply followed better housekeeping practices. Take note of some top tips in this week’s blog.

Image showing construction site workers sweeping and tidying up materials

Since the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all become very used to there being an enhanced focus on cleanliness and sanitisation – at home, while out and about and where we work. While this brought additional procedures and policies into play, even before COVID, most workplaces had some rules around maintaining a clean, tidy and well-organised environment. For construction, this is absolutely crucial in order to maintain site safety, prevent accidents or injuries and help to protect the environment.

Here at Sheriff Construction, we’ve made it clear that good housekeeping on site is everyone’s responsibility and there are key actions/ procedures that our site operatives should be undertaking on a continual basis. As a reminder, this week’s blog features the Sheriff guide to keeping things clean.

Over a third of all major injuries reported each year are caused by a slip or trip at work. In the construction industry, that means several thousand workers suffer injuries every year, around a thousand of which involve fractured bones or dislocated joints. While some injuries are minor, those which are more serious can result…