James on construction siteWhile the construction industry is known for having a highly mobile workforce, here at Sheriff Construction, we’re proud that so many of our people stay with us over the long-term.

Whether it’s our small team of directly employed staff or our subcontracted team of labour and skilled tradesmen (currently around 60 people), our aim is to do everything we can to provide people with stable, secure work for as long as they want to be part of our story.

With that in mind, we thought it was about time we got to know another of the long-term members of Sheriff’s team a little better!

Today, we’re asking one of our Roofing Supervisors, Klevis Palushi (known to friends as ‘James’), to tell us something about his life and the role he plays at Sheriff Construction. This is what we learnt.

James was born into an agricultural community in Albania but moved to the country’s capital city, Tirana to complete his education at ‘Gramoz Palushi School’. After moving to England, James worked as a decorator before joining Sheriff as a labourer/ general handyman in 2014. Keen to progress his career, James has been a willing participant in Sheriff’s in-house and external training programmes, all of which has given him a skilled trade in flat-roofing installation and led him to become the experienced supervisor that he is today.

Here’s what he had to say:

“As a Roofing Supervisor, there are many different things I have to do – getting the right permits, checking supplies, planning the work to meet targets, for example. The first thing I do each day, though, is spend some time with my team. My aim is to ensure we start every day right!

I’ve worked across many different sites at Sheriff but the one I’m supervising at right now is a large roofing contract at a development in High Wycombe where we are installing green and ballasted roofing. With this project, we’re using waterproofing products supplied by Axter and installing a blue roofing system for the first time.* Working with these new products is probably the biggest challenge I’ve faced on the job!

What I find most interesting about working at Sheriff is the way we always work as part of a team.”

Spending so much of his worktime looking down at the world below from the roof of a building, outside of work, James prefers to keep his feet more firmly on the ground with activities like camping and playing golf.

When asked what is number one ambition is, he told us he’s hoping to see himself become a Roofing Manager. With his positive attitude, we’re sure this is a dream he will achieve.

Sheriff Construction would like to thank James for taking part in this blog and for the hard work he’s displayed over the last five years.


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