This Saturday (August 8th), Sheriff Construction is celebrating its 15th year in business!

When the company was first incorporated back in 2005, what was then named Sheriff Builders consisted of a small gang of bricklayers and labourers who mostly worked on private housing jobs and small scale contract work.

Our name, Sheriff, was chosen at the time as a little bit of fun – a pun on the idea that we were the ‘Sheriffs’ of the industry and not the dreaded ‘cowboy’ builders!

So much has changed since then and the company as it stands today is unrecognisable from those humble beginnings. In 2020, Sheriff is a £5million turnover business that’s truly proud to be counted among the leading suppliers of brickwork and roofing systems in London and the South East, with clients across the commercial, residential, public health and education sectors.

Here’s a brief timeline of how we’ve progressed over the last 15 years:

  • 2005 – We were born as Sheriff Builders, carrying out small brickwork contracts (with all administration completed from the dining table at home).
  • 2008-2009 – These were the tough years but we made it through the recession and even managed to move our administrative functions into a small office in Luton.
  • 2012-2013 – We carried out an assessment of the company with our accountant, put a new strategy for growth into place and started taking on specialist flat-roofing contracts.
  • 2014 – We upgraded our policies and practices so as to achieve accreditation with Constructionline and other industry-recognised bodies; we began working on what was our largest flat-roofing contract at the time (at the former Walthamstow dog stadium); and we moved into bigger office premises with a yard in Luton.
  • 2014-2019 – During this period, we branched out by completing some of our own property developments (e.g. Russell Street, Brook Street and Round Green in Luton); and we changed our name to Sheriff Construction.
  • 2020 – With the coronavirus pandemic and the prospect of another recession on the horizon, this year is proving to be another challenging time – but so far, we’re riding the storm and still growing!

Founder and Managing Director, Ekrem Mahmutaj said:

“We started out as a small family company but now regularly employ between 40 -80 subcontractors. To me, that simply means we’re a bigger family! We’ve gone through good, bad and better times as we’ve aimed for growth but have always held strong to our beliefs that everyone in our team plays a genuine role in driving our company’s success and continued progress.

“Under any other circumstances, Sheriff Construction would be planning a huge party for everyone that’s been part of our story over the years. However, with covid-19 restrictions in place, this looks unlikely to take place this year.

“When things change for the better and we enter a post-covid world, you can guarantee we’ll be quick to rectify this and hold that party. Meanwhile I want to thank and congratulate my team for all their hard work and dedication. Without them, this journey would by no means have been so epic!”


Main image source: Shutterstock

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