Even though some people may be out off by rising energy prices and interest rates, home ownership is still very common, with many people viewing it as both a security blanket for themselves and their families and a lucrative investment opportunity.

When searching for the ideal residence, people tend to look for traditional must-haves like outdoor space, the size of the home, parking and local amenities. However, with new ideas and technologies constantly changing the way our houses are designed and fitted out, we wondered what might become the must-haves of the future. Read on for a few thoughts…

What do homebuyers look for now?

As well as all the people looking to upsize or downsize from their current property, there are around 350,000 first-time buyers in the UK each year.

Research published recently on Finder shows that, when these newcomers to the market assess the features they most desire for their new home, the quality and quantity of outdoor space takes the top spot. Surprisingly, features such as the cost of running the property and how the house looks were at the bottom of the list and being close to family or friends didn’t fare much better! Here’s the run-down of what people said they were looking for:

  • If it has outside space/size – 33.20%
  • The size of the house – 28.05%
  • It has space for parking – 24.15%
  • The property having a nice surrounding area – 21.70%
  • Good transport links – 21.20%
  • Being closer to family/friends – 17.05%
  • Being close to amenities – bars, shops – 16.20%
  • That the area has a low crime rate – 14.45%
  • The cost of running/maintaining the property – 14.35%
  • How the house looks – 11.90%

What about the future?

Although many of the above qualities will still be among the must-haves for homeowners in the future, insights suggest they will also seek additional features that will adapt the home to our changing environment and digital lifestyle. Sustainability, efficiency, connectivity, convenience, functionality and comfort are all likely to be the property buzz-words of the future.

Here are five features that our next generation of homeowners will probably prioritise and which existing homeowners might consider installing in their property if they want to ensure a high return on investment

1. Sustainable energy

As energy prices continue to soar and climate change becomes an ever more problematic issue for the planet, homes that can generate their own power from renewable sources like solar panels will be highly desirable. So, by incorporating renewable energy technologies into their property sooner rather than later, homeowners can save money on energy bills, increase their property’s value and be in a great position to attract the eco-conscious buyers of the future.

At sheriff Construction, we’ve noticed many of the contractor’s we work with are already including solar panels as standard in their roofing designs.

2. Smart Climate Control

With the drive for efficiency likely being another critical aspect of our future homes, smart climate control systems could be something more and more homebuyers will look for.

These kind of systems basically bring intelligent temperature regulation into a house. Being able to control the way the house is heated and cooled remotely (adjusting this as and when required) means less of the wastage that comes with standard time-set controls.

3. Smart home security

Easy to install and highly user-friendly, smart home security systems provide homeowners with a range of advanced features and the all-important peace of mind. From doorbell cameras which stream live video feeds to interior/ exterior cameras that owners can access from anywhere in the world, these systems are particularly useful for checking on the home during vacations or keeping an eye on loved ones while you’re away.

Listed among the most sought-after technologies, smart home security systems will no doubt be another feature that makes it into the top most-haves for our future homebuyers.

4. Smart kitchens

Smart technology is also likely to become a priority in the kitchen. Having always been the heart and hub of a home, homebuyers are already starting to look for kitchens equipped with intelligent, built-in appliances because of the way they can simplify home life. One example is the smart refrigerator which offers features such as inventory monitoring and remote access. If you’re passing by the shops on your way home but can’t remember what you’ve run low on, just ask your fridge for an update!

5. Advanced Lighting Systems

It’s becoming increasingly common to integrate advanced lighting systems into our homes, particularly LED lighting strips in kitchens and bathrooms and low-level sensor lighting in hallways and landing spaces. Our development company, Limon Homes has already installed these in many of the properties we’ve built or refurbished.

Saving energy, providing enhanced functionality and often coming with customisable colours and other settings that improve ambience, our homebuyers of the future will surely be looking for this kind of comfort and convenience.

Creating the future home now

In the coming years, the features we integrate into our homes (either through renovations or new-build designs) look set to make them better suited for a more sustainable, efficient, connected and comfortable way of life.

Sustainable energy generation, smart climate control, advanced security systems, smart kitchens, and innovative lighting solutions are just a few examples of those features that will make homes more appealing to future buyers. By embracing these advancements now, homeowners can enjoy the enhanced functionality, increase the value of their property and ensure they grab the attention of new buyers when the time comes to move.

What home features do you think people will look for in the future? Let us know by commenting over on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.


Feature image: Freepik