Headshot of Arsim on construction siteAfter 14 years in business, we’ve seen a lot of changes here at Sheriff Construction.

Our company has changed its name and structure; the kind of work we undertake is vastly different from what we were doing when we first started out; and we’ve witnessed a great deal of personal development in the team members who’ve been part of our story.

So, in a small series of blogs that we’re calling ‘Getting to know you’, we’re turning the spotlight onto some of those people and giving them the opportunity to share some words about the work they’re currently involved in.

Today, we’re starting with our Contracts Manager (Roofing division), Arsim Mahmutaj.

Arsim moved to the UK when he was 14 years-old and joined the student population at Ashcroft High School in Luton.

After finishing school, Arsim took some carpentry courses and joined Sheriff as an apprentice. When Sheriff branched out into flat-roofing some years ago, Arsim was among the first within our team to qualify as an approved installer of the systems we were using.

After working for many years as a site foreman, Arsim is now a shareholder in the company and has recently been promoted to Contracts Manager for our roofing division.

Here’s what he had to say about the projects he’s working on right now.

“One of our biggest roofing projects currently is in the area of Charlton, London. The duration of this project will be 48 weeks. The client we are working with is a large development company in the UK and we are doing all the roofing work for this company all over the country. We enjoy working with this client because they are very strict on the programmes provided to us and we’re always able to keep up with the timing, as well as quality and safety issues.

The project consists of nine blocks with IKO PermaTec waterproofing and a mix of green and brown roofing. We are supplying and installing all waterproofing systems, insulation, drainage layer, green or brown roofing, slabs, man safe systems, AOV and roof coping.

The project involves six operatives, a supervisor, four roofers and one labourer. The PermaTec system is a very robust product with 25-year warranty life of the building expectation. Also we are doing the balconies using liquid waterproofing and slabs and that also offers a 25-year warranty.

We carry out health and safety visits every month to make sure our team is keeping up with health and safety standards. As well as the site in Charlton, there are a few other projects that I look after. I visit them once or twice a week to make sure all the teams are doing high-quality work and keeping up with health and safety standards.”

We would like to thank Arsim for taking the time to tell us about his work and hope it gives you a bit of insight into what we do here at Sheriff Construction.

Coming up: Look out for part 2 of this series, featuring Shahin Shabani (our Contracts Manager for brickwork), in your newsfeed soon.


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