Lorenzo at his office deskAs it’s been a little while since we published our last ‘Getting to know you’ article, we thought it was time to put another member of our team in the hot seat.

This is where we ask them to tell us a bit about themselves and the work they carry out for Sheriff Construction. Today, we’re handing things over to the company’s in-house Quantity Surveyor/ Contracts Manager, Lorenzo Polonio.

Growing up in the city of Mestre (just outside the centre of Venice), Lorenzo gained his diploma for Quantity Surveying at the “Istituto Tecnico Statale Per Geometri G.Massari” before beginning his career as a Quantity Surveyor working within Italy’s construction industry.

After moving to the UK, Lorenzo joined Sheriff Construction in 2014 where he has undertaken several further professional development and training programmes which have helped further his skills/knowledge and enabled Lorenzo to act as the company’s internal health and safety advisor.

Here’s what he had to say about the work he does for Sheriff Construction:

“As Sheriff’s Quantity Surveyor/ Contract Manager, my time is often split between the office and the road. On a daily basis, I can be involved in lots of very different tasks – for instance, pricing new jobs or projects; organising the team on site and providing them with the information they need to get their programme of work completed; checking on health and safety issues; carrying out quality inspections; and liaising with clients.

One of the jobs I’m involved in at the moment is the installation of a new blue roofing system for a relatively new client in High Wycombe. This is a 1.7 million project and it’s the first time Sheriff’s team has used this kind of blue roofing. It’s really important that Sheriff does a good job on this project so we’ve invested in training for the team which gives them the necessary skills to make this happen.

In my role, I maintain good communication with the client (so that we’re always on top of any changes that may occur throughout the schedule of works) and ensure all our paperwork is completed so that our account is in a good state and the money keeps coming in!

My job definitely comes with some challenges. The construction industry is evolving all the time so I always have to keep up with new training, work with new materials and look for new solutions. However, working with Sheriff has given me plenty of opportunities to rise to those challenges. It’s also really satisfying to see how the company has grown and is becoming increasingly recognised across the sector in our region.”

Because there’s more to a person than just the work they do, we also asked Lorenzo about his life outside of Sheriff and found out three facts that you may (or may not) know about him:

  1. Recently married, Lorenzo has a four-year old son plus two stepchildren (aged seven and twelve).
  2. In his spare time, Lorenzo likes playing football with the guys and has a passion for motorbikes.
  3. Alongside wishing happy lives for himself, his family and the people around him, Lorenzo’s life ambitions include taking trips to various destinations around the world, including Brazil, China and Italy of course.

Our thanks go out to Lorenzo for sharing his story with us today. In this instance, we’d also like to thank our work experience student, Sofia Mahmutaj, who interviewed Lorenzo in preparation for this blog. Well done to both!

Are you working on a project for Sheriff Construction? If you’d like us to feature a piece about you and the job you’re doing right now, please get in touch.


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