When people in the construction industry talk about health, the focus tends to be on physical health, safety and risk assessment rather than issues around mental health or wellbeing.

A couple of weeks ago we wrote a blog which looked at the suicide prevention campaign that was highlighted as part of this year’s World Mental Health Day.

While awareness days like this are great for drawing attention to the big issues, what we really need to remember is that looking after our mental health should be something we focus on every day. That’s why we’re going to use our blog to publish a series of quick tips and advice that we’ve picked up from the charity MIND.

In part 1 of this series, here’s this week’s quick tips on workplace wellbeing:

Recognise what works for you

Work out what is stressful and what is helpful in your workplace and talk to your employer about this. They may be able to make some positive changes that will ensure you’re able to play to your strengths and avoid unnecessary stress.

Don’t do too much at once

Give each task your full attention. It often takes longer if you try to do too much at the same time.

Be realistic

You don’t have to always be ‘perfect’. It’s OK to ask for help with your workload if it’s causing a problem. Discuss your targets with your manager and be sure they are manageable and realistic.

Reward yourself

When finishing one task, it’s so easy to immediately start thinking about what needs to be done next, making your working life something of a rollercoaster. Instead, take a moment to reward yourself for what you have already accomplished.

Develop good relationships

Connecting with your colleagues can help to build up a network of support and make being at work more enjoyable.

Balance your time

Occasionally you may need to work longer hours than normal but try not to make this a long-term habit.

Create an end of day routine

Tidying your desk/ work area or making a list of what needs to be done tomorrow is a good way of helping you to switch off from work. (We know switching off isn’t always that easy but try to do this at least during part of your working week.)

Take a break

Short breaks throughout the day and a break at lunch can reduce stress. A long weekend or a holiday can refresh you and actually increase your productivity so build these into your calendar if you can.

Don’t let your life be work

Nurture your outside relationships, interest and your skills that your job doesn’t use.

We hope these snippets of advice about workplace wellbeing are useful but would love to hear your tips too. Share your thoughts with us over on Facebook.


*information adapted from MIND

Image source: Freepik