All CSCS cards should have a smart chip embedded into them by March 2022.

That’s the recommendation being made by the Construction Leadership Council which it says will improve security and efficiency, thereby protecting the integrity of the system.

CSCS cards are widely recognised as the industry-standard requirement for all on-site construction operatives.

Encouraging the idea of bringing smart technology into the system, CLC task force member, Mark Reynolds said: “The CLC is keen to see technology used across the industry to enable everyone to access and use the information we hold to make better decisions.”

At the moment, there are several bodies that issue different CSCS cards for different tradespeople, many of which are already ahead of the game and have already integrated smart technology in those cards (or are working on it).

The CLC is now calling for them to ensure there is a common interface which allows people to check the cardholders information electronically (via a smart chip on ALL cards) and so remove any need for manual/ multiple data-checks.


Feature image: Lorelyn Medina/