When you visit a friend’s new house, there are many things which might leave a lasting impression – for instance their choice of interior design or perhaps the welcoming tea and biscuits. However, before you get to any of that, a first impression will have been formed by how the house looks from the outside.

The choice of exterior construction materials used as ‘siding’ has the potential to make the same house look very different. The traditional brick façade might be common here in the UK but there are lots of other options which can help a house to show its best side. Here are five ideas:

1. Wood

It’s one of the oldest building materials on the planet and, although modern homes are rarely made entirely from wood, when used as a siding it can create a charming natural look. Wood does, of course, require some effort in terms of maintenance but if properly looked after, it can last more than a  lifetime!

2. Stone

Stone may be the more expensive and somewhat challenging option but there’s no denying it’s beauty and ability to create the wow factor. Best used for new structures rather than an addition to an existing property (due to the complexity of installation), stone also offers fantastic durability.

3. Stone Veneer

For anyone wanting to create the appearance and feel of stone but with less hassle and costs, stone veneer provides a good alternative. It’s lightweight, durable and all that’s required to keep it looking great is an annual hose down.

4. Fibre Cement

Fibre cement is another way to give a property a great look without the premium price tag. It’s fire-resistant, easy to install and extremely versatile. Coming in lots of different designs, it can be used to mimic wood, stone, stucco or masonry.

5. Brick

We couldn’t talk about exterior construction materials without giving a big shoutout to brick. Yes it can be an expensive and labour-intensive option but the classic style it creates makes it so worth it. And, when it comes to durability, well who doesn’t remember that childhood story about three little pigs with their houses made out of sticks, wood and brick. After the wolf huffed and puffed at them all, which one was the only one left standing – the brick one of course!

Making a choice

Trends come and go across all aspects of our lives and it’s easy to see this in construction too. These five and other exterior materials have been used in housing developments built across different regions of the country and across different eras.

The best choices have been based on what was known to work best in those regions at the time of construction, taking into account the latest design trends, advances in technology and other factors like the local climate. So, if you’re looking to make an impression with a new home or give your current home a makeover, the best advice would be to do your research first. Check out what building contractors are doing on nearby developments, ask local experts, look at the pros and cons of different sidings and only then choose the one that’s right for your home’s first impression.


Feature image: Freepik