At least two online media outlets have just published articles about Sheriff Construction, recognising our company as one of the leading installers and suppliers of flat-roofing systems and brickwork services in the UK.

Both the UK Herald and London Journal picked up the story of our 17 years in the industry and recent success, noting the national recognition our company has gained for delivering exceptional work on commercial and residential projects and for our pursuit of innovation. Read the full story in this week’s blog.

UK Herald 

The UK Herald, which publishes impartial business, technology, politics and health news and analysis, opens its article by stating:

“Sheriff Construction, a recognised leader in construction, is celebrating over 17 years of excellence in the industry and its largest commercial contract. Founded in 2005 by Ekrem Mahmutaj, Sheriff Construction has become nationally recognised as one of the leading installers and suppliers of specialist flat-roofing systems and brickwork services across the United Kingdom.”

After describing our work, extensive portfolio and the commitments our highly trained technicians put into delivering our service, the piece goes on to say:

“Today, the company is projected to reach £20M in turnover this year with a small in-house team with over 100 sub-workers. As Managing Director, Ekrem brings years of experience building relationships with suppliers and developers to the company as its main driving force. Ekrem works alongside two brothers, including Shahin Mahmutaj, who is in charge of the bricklaying side of the business, and Arsim Mahmutaj, who oversees roofing. Together, the trio leads installation and supply chains for flat-roofing systems and brickwork services across the United Kingdom, and relentlessly pursues a reputation for innovative construction.”

London Journal

The London Journal is an independent media outlet that focuses on national and international trending news content from business, education, health, science, environment and more.

Following the same story of Sheriff’s 17 year journey, its feature adds:

“Sheriff Construction’s commitment to excellence has recently been recognised with its largest commercial contract to date. The company secured the brickwork contract valued at over £6.1 million from a major UK-based housebuilder for a five-acre regeneration site in Woolwich, London. The contract promises up to two years of work as the company manages the masonry work for approximately 340 new homes in apartment complexes ranging from 2.5 to 15 stories in height.

“With its exceptional reputation and commitment to excellence, Sheriff Construction is set to continue leading the way in innovative construction and delivering outstanding results for its clients.”

Considering our company started out as a small family business back in 2005, seeing these tributes in print really makes us think about how far we’ve come since then. Congratulations to all for being part of our amazing team.

Take a look at the full versions of both articles here:

UK Herald: Sheriff Construction Earns Recognition As Leading Installer and Supplier of Flat-Roofing Systems and Brickwork Services in the United Kingdom, by Justin Marsh

London Journal: Sheriff Construction Recognized as Top Provider of Flat-Roofing Systems and Brickwork Services in the United Kingdom, by Anderson


Feature image: Freepik