After months of work developing a small apartment complex in North Street, Luton, our development team recently offered to help out at the neighbouring Luton Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Working within our sister company, Limon Homes, the team took some time out from their normal jobs to tidy up the church roof, complete some external painting and ensure the boundary wall looked in top tip shape on both properties. Find out more in this quick-read blog.

Helping out the neighbours

Having acquired the site of what was once Luton Lighting Centre on North Street, the Limon Homes development team have been busy turning this unused plot into a small complex of modern apartments.

All through the development works, our team have been conscious of the fact that the site sits right next door to the popular Luton Central Seventh-day Adventist Church. As much as possible, they’ve tried to be courteous to the church community and ensure minimal disruption on days when services or other activities have been held.

Because of this, our team have maintained a good relationship with the Church’s pastor, Bernie Holford, and this led them to become aware of some issues the Church Board were facing with the building, particularly some buddleia bushes that were affecting the quality of its roof.

Upon finding this out, our team offered their help in clearing the vegetation away and then decided to go a bit further by carrying out some external paintwork too.

In a letter expressing his and the Board’s gratitude, Paster Holford said:

“The board voted to thank you for clearing the buddleia bushes on our church roof and as a surprise extra, for painting the white areas of the front of the church too. It looks really great. These gestures of goodwill were very appreciated. Thanks too for building such a good boundary wall. It looks lovely and does the job well.

“We would like to wish you well as you complete the work on the flats. We also look forward to a good relationship with the tenants that will move in there next year.”

At Sheriff Construction and Limon Homes, we are keen to give our support to projects like this wherever we can and particularly feel happy if that work helps communities to come together. Our best wishes go out to everyone at the church.

The North Street development is nearing completion so keep a look out for further updates on this coming soon.


Feature image: Sheriff Construction Ltd