Tools and equipment are essential to the effective running of any construction site but, because they are used so much, they can suffer a lot of wear and tear, become damaged and eventually be unusable.

However, with proper care and maintenance, the lifespan of your tools and equipment can be extended and that’s good news for four reasons: 1) Better quality tools means better quality work; 2) It reduces costs related to repairs or replacements; 3) There will be fewer accidents/ injuries from faulty equipment; and 4) It’s better for the environment.

With so much to gain, in this week’s blog, we’re sharing some top tips for how to protect and maintain those tools.

There was a time when the idea of including a flat roof in a building design would have been considered risky, largely because of the kind of roofing materials used during the 1950s and 60s which proved to be not that durable and had a reputation for leaks. However, the technology has moved on so much since then and today we have flat-roofing solutions which provide exceptional waterproofing, are resistant to tear or puncture and have a much longer lifespan than their predecessors.

Perhaps the best thing about modern flat-roofing is that, providing it has been professionally installed, it should only ever require some simple routine maintenance. With the Autumn bringing leaves and debris onto our roofs, now is the time to get that maintenance done. Follow our advice in this week’s blog.

For construction site workers, every day tends to start with a work gear checklist that looks something like this: Helmet – check, Boots – check, Hi-vis – check, Jetpack – check.

Hold up a minute, what was that last one – a jetpack? OK, so it may not be on the list right now but, with the launch of a new jetpack prototype that’s designed to support maintenance and inspection work at hard-to-reach sites, perhaps the jetpack will become one of those essential items soon! Who’s ready to fly?

While Autumn brings cool mornings and a blaze of colourful leaves all around us, for anyone in the roofing business, this also signals it’s time to carry out some routine maintenance up on the roof – removing leaves and dirt from gutters, cutting back any nearby trees and, for flat-roofing in particular, checking for signs…