Whether it’s a small-scale conversion project or a large commercial development, the contractors and sub-contractors involved will have an impact on the community they’re entering into.

In all likelihood, the work will be carried out in a location where some people live, work or spend their leisure time and that means there are several areas of concern which should be taking into consideration – particularly the appearance of the site, noise control and the logistical arrangements.

How members of the public react to these impacts will largely depend on how well a contractor engages with them. So, in this week’s blog, we’re exploring why keeping good relationships with local communities is so important to the success of any building project and what can be done to maintain a reputation as a considerate contractor.

Recently, one of our team was sitting in a public place when she overhead two elderly ladies discussing the numbers of people coming to the UK, how they get benefits and don’t make a contribution in tax (in other words having a right old moan about immigration). The funny thing is that, having emigrated to…