A new NVQ for Brickwork Technicians has just been launched by the Association of Brickwork Contractors.

With building safety compliance in mind, the qualification has been designed for the thousands of people who work within the brickwork industry on important tasks that support the bricklaying process (but who are not actually bricklayers). Find out more here.

Changing roles

When you think of a bricklaying team, you probably picture qualified bricklayers and labourers who carry out tasks such as mixing mortar, moving materials across the site, keeping the site tidy and more. However, these days there is often another Brickwork Technician role, site workers who are engaged in tasks like the installation of cavity-based products (e.g. Fire Barriers, Masonry Support Systems, Insulation Boards, and Cavity Tray Systems).

Currently, anyone undertaking these tasks operate under a CSCS labourer card but it has now been recognised that the complexity and importance of their role necessitates a clear career path and professional recognition at NVQ Level 2.

Introducing the NVQ L2 Brickwork Technician

The Association of Brickwork Contractors have sought to address this need by launching the NVQ L2 Brickwork Technician qualification.

To develop the Recommended Qualification Structure, the ABC collaborated with the Construction Industry Training Board. This led to a framework outlining the skills and knowledge required by Brickwork Technicians and which aligns seamlessly with the Building Safety Bill.

The ABC also worked closely with the awarding body, the National Open College Network, to get accreditation for the new qualification and established the ABC Assessment Centre to enable its delivery on sites across the country. On completion of the new NVQ, workers will be upskilled  from ‘labourer’ to Blue CSCS card and Skilled Worker status.

Eve Livett, Chief Executive Officer at the Association of Brickwork Contractors, commented:

“We are thrilled to introduce this new qualification for Brickwork Technicians. By providing a clear career progression and professional recognition, we are empowering individuals in this specialist field to uphold the highest standards of building safety. This aligns perfectly with our commitment to deliver excellence and contribute to the industry’s overall well-being.”

Others in the brickwork sector have responded positively, viewing this qualification as a testament to how far the construction industry is changing and something that will be advantageous to brickwork contractors, main contractors, housebuilders, developers and their clients across the country.

Find out more about this new qualification for Brickwork Technicians here.


Feature image: Freepik