Once upon a time (before we headed into today’s digital world), the main distraction most of us had during a working day was a conversation about the best of last night’s television over tea break!

But now, with notifications informing us of the arrival of the latest email, text, WhatsApp or social media post/ story, our working days can sometimes feel like one long interruption, resulting in little progress on the ‘to do’ list.

There are, however, methods which can be used to get around this problem so, today, we’re going to look at an approach called ‘deep work’. Read on to find out how you can kill those distractions and get more done.

While the generally drier weather of summer makes it one of the best times for completing construction works, every year the season also brings some additional challenges, for instance around maintaining the quality of products, the reduced availability of workers and specific heat-related safety risks. Of course, this year there are additional woes related to the pandemic and Brexit but in this week’s blog, we’re focusing on four areas of concern that sites face during a typical summer and included some guidance about what you can do to avoid or overcome those challenges.

When working with hot melt or torch-on systems, the roofing environment can easily become hazardous. But, if workers are committed to following the right safety procedures and have an attitude where safety always comes first, any potential hazards can just as easily be avoided. We’ve just issued all our operatives with a detailed Toolbox Talk to ensure their understanding of this issue is completely up-to-date. Here, we share some of some of the key points.

How many times have you found yourself complaining that you’ve got hardly any work done due to your day consisting of ‘back-to-back’ meetings? Many of us have been in this position at one time or another but if you feel meetings are consistently affecting your productivity (or that of others) then it’s time to make…