Aerial image of a housing estate

Following the recent General Election, the Labour Party has secured a five-year term and set the stage for potential changes in the residential construction sector.

But, with ambitions that include the construction of an average 300,000 new homes each year set against a decline in the numbers of people employed in our industry, there are questions about how such target-driven progress can be achieved? Read on for a brief overview of the current situation and the new government’s plans.

Back in November last year, we reported on a free masterclass for bricklayers that was being offered by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) and how an equivalent opportunity would soon be made available for roofers.

This month, the HBF have released that opportunity so, if improving your roofing skills is on your ‘to do’ list, read on.

A new England-wide employment scheme is looking to encourage more women to join the residential construction workforce and especially to go into site management roles.

Launched by the Home Builders Federation and the not-for-profit organisation, Women Into Construction, the scheme is offering women work placement opportunities on sites with access to support with childcare and training costs. The hope is that this will have the duel effect of reducing skills shortages in the industry and rebranding construction as a rewarding and practical career opportunity for people from all walks of life. Read on for more details…