Like most construction companies, there are times when our work involves dealing with and temporarily storing hazardous waste on site. If we were to do this poorly, it would have the potential to cause damage to both the environment and the local community (especially if it was allowed to contaminate surface water or groundwater supplies).

The good news is that we take our responsibilities seriously and follow strict procedures that comply with UK legislation and ensure no such damage comes about. As this is such an important topic, we’ve put together this quick guide to hazardous waste so that people know exactly what they should/ shouldn’t be doing.

Calling on the world’s built environment to focus on delivering sustainable buildings for everyone, everywhere, World Green Building Week is the largest campaign of its kind.

So, although the official campaign, which is organised annually by the World Green Building Council, was officially last week (20th – 24th September), perhaps something this important deserves our attention every week! Read on for all the detail.

Did you know that the average person in the UK spends 22 hours of each day indoors? That’s 90% of their day! While our on-site construction teams may be the exception to this, for office staff, the indoor life can have an enormous impact on productivity, health, wellbeing and overall happiness. What’s to be done?…