Sheriff Construction is delighted to announce that we’ve just secured our biggest brickwork contract to date. Valued at just over £6.1m, the deal will see our team supporting a major UK housebuilder at 5-acre regeneration site in Woolwich, London.

This is a significant win for Sheriff Construction as it cements the strong relationship we’ve built up with this client (who we’re not naming right now due to our protocols around confidentiality) and will provide our team with at least 2-years’ worth of secure work. The contract is also among the first to be secured since our company restructured, meaning the job will be managed through our sister company, Sheriff Brickworks. Read this week’s blog to find out more.

A new England-wide employment scheme is looking to encourage more women to join the residential construction workforce and especially to go into site management roles.

Launched by the Home Builders Federation and the not-for-profit organisation, Women Into Construction, the scheme is offering women work placement opportunities on sites with access to support with childcare and training costs. The hope is that this will have the duel effect of reducing skills shortages in the industry and rebranding construction as a rewarding and practical career opportunity for people from all walks of life. Read on for more details…