Sheriff Construction has recently introduced the Causeway ‘Donseed’ digital workforce management system across both our brickwork and roofing divisions.

Usually used by companies much larger than us, we took the decision to keep up with this latest technology, which is giving us greater control of our sites, improving safety and increasing efficiency. Find out more in this week’s blog.

While some of the mobile apps we download end up doing little but take up space on our phones or tablets, others are revolutionising the way we live and work.

Right now, there are a great many mobile apps that are proving particularly useful for those working in the construction industry – supporting people by making every-day tasks simpler, improving efficiency in working practices and raising professional standards higher than ever before. In this week’s blog, we’ve got a rundown of just some of the apps available.

Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed a race in the launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that has been trained to interact with humans in a conversational way.

Natural language models like Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard can produce pieces of creative writing, translate copy, summarise lengthy texts, access vast amounts of data to answer queries and have a human-like conversation. Whilst experimenting with these technologies can be both useful and fun, this has got us wondering whether AI might soon be taking on other creative work such as designing a building (or perhaps it is already)? Take a look at what we found out in this week’s blog.