Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing some of the principles and actions we want Sheriff to follow in order to improve our ‘social value’. In our two previous blogs, we looked at the things we could do to better support the communities we’re part of and the people who work with us (both in and outside of the workplace).

There’s one more area of social value which is really important to us because it’s implications go so much further than the people and places that are part of our everyday lives – the environment.

So, in the final chapter of this series, our question is this: What steps can Sheriff take to protect the natural environment?

A couple of weeks ago, we used our blog to tell you about how and why Sheriff is setting out its ‘social value’ – the principles, policies and actions we can take as a business to support and promote social, economic and environmental wellbeing in society.

In part 1, we particularly looked at how we can make a greater positive impact on the communities we live and work in. In the second of this series, we want to focus on our company’s greatest asset – our people – and so we begin this week’s blog with a question:

How can we support the people who work with us to prosper at work and across all aspects of their lives?

As a business that has grown substantially, with the support of family, friends and colleagues from across the communities we work in, Sheriff Construction has, in recent years, sought out many ways in which we can give some of that support back.

We’ve now reached the point where we’re now thinking about how we can go that bit further in terms of supporting and promoting social, economic and environmental wellbeing in society – otherwise known as ‘social value’. In our first blog of the year, we’re explaining more about what that means and focusing on one specific question: How can we make a greater positive impact on the communities we’re part of?